Honor American veterans and service members with an American Flag on a 20-foot flagpole!

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Sgt. Nielson, DE

You have no idea the sense of pride that I have ever time I come home or even walk out of my door... read more

Elizabethtown, PA

I served in the USMC and am very happy to be able to show my patriotism with my new... read more

SSTG Pequeno, FL

Thank you so much for my new American and flagpole. I appreciate so very much to... read more

SSgt Noel USMC

...every time I come or go from my house I get a very strong sense of pride in this great... read more

The American Flags stand as lasting reminders, in recognition of their service to our nation, and signify to our service members, veterans, and their families that they have not been forgotten.


Includes shipping, an American flag, a 20-foot aluminum flag pole, mounting hardware, and a military branch service flag.
Shipping to locations other then the 48 contagious US States is additional.

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